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Mar 29, 2008
Hi there!

I'm a mom of a USNA Foundation student...anxiously awaiting word from the Admissions Board very soon! :thumb:

We actually have six children--this is the oldest of them all. I came with questions for other Foundation parents today, but expect to have LOTS of questions as time goes on.

What a great place to find support and information. Look forward to meeting everyone!

wolfemom, big welcome to the forums! Good luck & let us know the big news when it comes! You must be bursting with pride. Many congrats.

And by the way, if you find yourself tired of any of the kids, send one or two my way. I have no one left to fight with over the bag of oreos anymore so you'd be doing me such a "big" favor. :biggrin:
Welcome!!! I hope you get word from admissions soon, I think the waiting is the worst part of the whole process...well, that and DODMERB. :wink:

Which school is your foundation student at? My son attended NMMI last year as a USMA prep.
Thanks moms! He's at Kiski Prep--there are FOUR USNA Foundation students there this year--they have a nice support system there.

We talked about NMMI, but it's far far from home for us! We looked at Valley Forge too, but it seemed more like a "reform school" than anything else.

Kiski's been great.

We still have a houseful, that's for sure, but we don't mind a bit--oreo crumbs and all. :wink:
Students who apply to the USNA will get one of several responses:

1. An appointment (invitation to attend)
2. A rejection
3. A referral to a prep school program--the Academy's way of saying, "We want you, but not yet--prepare another year first."

There are two prep school programs. One is NAPS--the Naval Academy Prep School. I think the Coast Guard and possible the Merchant Marine Academy also refer candidates to NAPS. The other prep school program is the USNA Foundation. That's where my son is.

The Foundation is like the USNA Alumni Association. They pay part of the cost and the parent pay part of the cost. There are certain prep schools approved by the Academy. My son is at one of them. The Academy refers about 250-300 candidates to the Foundation. The Foundation chooses 60 of them to sponsor.

He does have to "reapply" this year--but his entire application from last year carried over. He had to be recertified by DodMERB, and had to get another congressional nomination. He had to get good grades this year and NOT GET HURT. Other than that, he ought to get in! That's what we're waiting for!

Hope that clears it up!
It certainly does, thanks, and you are correct, CGA does use NAPS, I can't speak for KP though.
Just a quick hello to all Parents and a congrats to all those who have recieved appointments to the academy of their choice. As posted earlier I am new to posting but have followed the forums for two years as my son has gone throught the process of application, rejection, then a Falcon scholarship and now Appointment. He is happily filling out his acceptance as I type.
He atttended Valley Forge under the Falcon program and I will say this, he came home a different young man, for us it was the perfect fit, it is hard and strict there but it did give him a good idea as to what to expect in June.
Well Congrats again to all appointees and I will post more as the next four years un-fold. These forums have been a great source of information and inspiration for us both.
Cfs1041, Welcome! Your son is to be commended for his perserverance! Many congratulations to him for accepting his appointment. :yay::yay::yay:

Today is a day he will remember for a very long time! Thank you for letting us know. :smile:

It is nice to have you and wolfemom join us. :thumb: