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Nov 30, 2008
My son has received an appointment to the USNA as well as a Marine Option NROTC scholarship. It's been an interesting start to his senior year in high school! I stumbled upon this forum, and thought I would check it out!
Congratulations!! You and your son must be so excited! Welcome, these forums are entertaining and informative. I enjoy my time spent here and I'm sure you will to.
Welcome pnutfan & many congrats! I'm sure you'll enjoy looking around through some of the USNA & ROTC discussions as well as learning about the many differences of the other Academies. Has to be a truly exciting time for your family. Hope they'd enclosed your official "Wee" form to fill out with the appointment package? Its the red sheet that gives instructions for Academy parents to keep their hands & feet inside the cart at all times. Sign near the top as we spend the next four years upside down so they like to give us that little bit of practice. Good luck to you & yours! Let us hear back of the big decision on if its to be USNA or NROTC.