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Nov 1, 2008
Merry Christmas everyone!!

I have been "lurking" (I just read that term on someone else's post, and had no idea it applied to me!) for a while and wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you!! I have learned so much about this process by reading your posts.

I am a mom, my son is a candidate for the Air Force Academy and the Naval Academy. He has nominations for both and is now just waiting out the rest!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! A big thanks to all of you amazing young men and ladies home for the holidays--thank you for using your talents to serve our country. Best of luck to all of the incredible candidates, too.
Merry Christmas to you. I am a reformed lurker myself and thoroughly enjoy the wide variety of posts here. Good luck to your son and the entire family as you grow a few gray hairs over the next couple of months.
Welcome!!!! This is a terrific world - lots of information and the wonderful Mr Mullen (DODMERB) is always at hand! I too found this site and read and read in an effort to look beyond the "smoke and mirrors" - while the waiting is awful, don't you feel some relief just being at this point? My xmas gift was knowledge that my son has all apps, everything turned in - all that is left is the waiting - but other than achieving semester grades, its out of his hands now.
My son has only wanted usna since he was little, my dad is class of '52 and thus the reason of initial early visit. Our xmas gift was a call from BGO (blue and gold officer) to inform my son that he is now "medically qualified" - already received letter stating his academic qual and is eligble for pres nom. Our BGO keeps in touch every month or so, and continues to express he has high hopes! We live in northern virginia, one of the high interst states.
try to relax and enjoy this time - most admit my son has more faith than I, my vision is just clouded by aged experience. As Larry says, his back up plan is more firm, offered 4 yr NROTC scholarship in november - his plan is to reapply if he doesn't get in this year.
good luck - keep us informed - is wonderful to hear of others' journey and outcome. warmest wishes ...linda
Welcome to you!

Hi there, Welcome and Merry Christmas! I only lurked for a little while before joinings...am also a mom with a son applying to USNA, USMMA, USAFA, USCGA, and NROTC...
We have all been very busy!
Things seem to be falling into place for him at this point and after attending summer seminars, completing applications, medical exams, candidate visit weekend, etc. things seem to finally be falling into place for him. His dad is USNA 84, his grandpa is USCGA 55, so lots of history there. At this point son has LOA and Nom to USNA, and LOA to USMMA (which arrived today!). He is waiting on medical waivers for all...hoping that happens sometime sooner rather than later. However, even though he is the member of the "instant gratification generation" he is much calmer about this whole thing than I am...
Now we continue to play the "waiting game" I am starting to get nervous about the waiver now...
Keeping a positive attitude in MD
Thank you for such a warm welcome. You guys are the best.

I will keep you all in my thoughts, and look forward to hearing your good news.

The waiting IS hard.