Help with Re-Applying for USNA 2015

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Hopeful MDN, Apr 18, 2010.

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    After a week of frustration, I filled out my preliminary application for 2015. As a future college student, I know the process will be different than before.

    I really need help on what to do:

    -Do I use the same essays for my USNA application and nomination applications that I had the year before?

    -What about my teacher recommendations?

    -How will I pursue a waiver? I was pursuing one since the summer and I did all that I could, and then was told part of the reason of my denial from USNA was because I was not medically qualified?

    -Do I retake SATs?

    I really need help. If anyone has any answers to these questions or words of wisdom, I would greatly appreciate it.:thumb:
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    My sticky has the answer to most of these. The short story is:

    1. Up to you. I wouldn't as someone who's a year older and wiser may have some different insights, write w/greater maturity, etc. And it looks lazy. The reasoning may remain the same but you may want to express your thoughts somewhat differently.

    2. No re same teacher recs. College profs are needed.

    3. Check with Larry Mullen on the DODMERB board. If your medical condition hasn't changed, the chances of your getting a waiver this coming year vs. last aren't real good. IOW, if USNA wasn't willing to waiver something for 2014, I think it unlikely they'll waiver for 2015 unless a new development has occurred, which is rare.

    4. No reason to.

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