Feb 18, 2017
I have received a Conditional Offer of Appointment (LOA) to USNA, and I wondering what could go wrong from here on out. I have my medical exam this Friday and I don't think anything will go wrong. If I pass that what are my chances of obtaining a nomination. I do live in MD so I feel that may make my chances harder. Am I almost guaranteed a nomination because of my LOA or do I have the same chances as I would without it. I have been preparing a lot, but I am very stressed and would like some peace of mind.

Your LOA should help your chances of a nomination, but the amount of boost you get will vary widely depending on MOC and the other candidates competing for placement on the MOC's slate.

My recommendation is to not stress about it - focus on those items you have control over. Make sure plans B, C, and D are in place, stay in shape, keep out of trouble, enjoy your senior year, and give your mom a hug.