1. I

    Hello could I get feedback on my nomination essay?(reapplying candidate)

    Why do you want to attend a United States Service Academy? Having grown up ten minutes from the United States Naval Academy, I got experienced many of their community interactions and routines firsthand. Since I was a child who learned my manners and expectations from the midshipman been my...
  2. N


    Currently can barely do more than 10 pushups and 8 second fah, should i still take the cfa at inspire for practice?
  3. N

    Inspire CFA

    Hey for the kids/parents who have went to Inspire did you/your child take the CFA? Would you recommend taking it even if you know you won’t get a good score at the moment just to show that you are trying? and if you/your child did take it or did go to Inspire what were your scores and did most...
  4. K

    How can I improve my chances?

    Hello everyone! I am currently a sophomore in high school and I was wondering if anyone had insight on how I can improve. I did not have a good freshman year at all, barely passed (COVID hit me like a truck), so I'm trying to rebuild. Academically, I maintain a 3.8-3.9 GPA, I take three honors...
  5. liberty18

    NASS Sessions

    I got accepted into NASS yesterday, but I need to switch my session due to a schedule change with a prior volunteering commitment. Has anyone requested a session change and been successful? How long did it take to hear back?
  6. Tom Nicholas

    Summer Stem ~ Class of 2027

    Reading the forums is a pleasant way to spend an evening or three and I want to thank you all for building them into the helpful things they've become. Tonight my son submitted his USNA 2020 Summer STEM application and my wife and I couldn't be more happy. The process was straight forward and...
  7. M

    Waiting list

    How exactly does one get put onto the waiting list? And is the waiting list for kids that don’t have a nomination?
  8. M

    Weekend Life

    I am currently in the process in applying to USNA and have done extensive research about the academy. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out what the midshipmen do on the weekends (Yes I know you don’t get much free time) but what do they do?
  9. A

    PS — Words of Wisdom & Advice on What to Bring

    Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. As everyone knows, we’re two weeks out from Plebe Summer! So, I wanted to start a thread to compile words of wisdom, encouragement, and other tid-bits of advice from parents, graduates, current Midshipmen, etc. Please share any advice you have —...
  10. A

    Pre-Plebe Summer Training Suggestions

    Hi everyone! I’m working to gather up and send out all of the required documents to get ready for USNA this summer. I was just wondering if any of you had suggestions as to how I can ensure I’m physically prepared for PS? Naturally, I’m as nervous as anyone about being prepared, especially...
  11. A

    Update — LOA/No Nom

    Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a great Friday. I was about to call the admissions office a couple of minutes ago to get an update on my admission status. Instead, I checked my portal and I saw that I received the VP nomination this morning! I’m so beyond excited. Thank you to everyone...
  12. A

    Should I Email the Director of Noms/Appts for USNA?

    Hi everyone! I forgot to mention that the Director of Noms/Appts emailed me March 7th asking if I’d accept an appointment in the event I received the VP nomination (I’m that LOA/no nomination case!). So, since I’ve been trying to get a status update, I was wondering if it’d be worth a try to...
  13. A

    7 Days — Nothing Yet

    Hi all! It’s been 7 days since the admissions decision deadline for USNA, I still haven’t heard back. LOA, no nomination as some of you know. What would any of you suggest doing? I feel like it’s best to just wait, but just waiting makes me even more anxious. Thank you!
  14. A

    4 Days Past Admission Decisions — Still Haven’t Heard Back

    Hi everyone! I’m still waiting! I was wondering if anybody else is too? Should I email my admissions counselor or just continue waiting? I’ve already accepted plan B, but if I were offered an appointment, either to USNA or NAPS, I’d take it. I have an LOA, no nomination, and considering I...
  15. A

    Anybody Still Waiting for USNA?

    Hey all! I’m still waiting... not CPR, but LOA with no nomination. Anybody else still CPR or in my shoes as well?
  16. A

    Other Possible Nomination Sources

    Hi all! I have an LOA for USNA but no nomination. I was just wondering if there were ANY other possible nom sources as of now other than VP, which I already applied for. Is it still possible to receive a nomination followed by an appointment by other any sources? Thank you in advance!
  17. A

    Question about the Possibility of NAPS

    Hi everyone! I have an LOA from USNA, no nomination. Is it still a possibility to receive any nomination at this point (applied for VP) or to even be offered a spot at NAPS? Or a spot with the Foundation? Are appointments post April 15th possible? Thank you in advance!
  18. A

    Post April 15th Status Update Thread

    Hey everyone! Hope you all had a nice Monday. I just wanted to make a thread for those who are still waiting to hear back from USNA (after no portal update by April 15th) to post their status. I have an LOA from USNA but no nomination, and I am still patiently waiting to hear back :)
  19. A

    LOA, No Nom, Haven’t Heard Back

    Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great weekend! I’ve had a Letter of Assurance for USNA since November. Unfortunately I did not receive a nomination for USNA, and it is my top choice. I have not heard back yet, and I’m anxious because, as everyone knows, tomorrow is the 15th of April...
  20. W

    Aviation Help

    I'm honored and truly blessed to be in the current "dilemma" that I am in. Last week I got into Naval Academy Prep. I also got into USMA and now I've also received an appointment to USAFA. I love all three academies and am most in love with USAFA and USMA. I want to pursue a career in aviation...