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Apr 8, 2008
My daughter would like to attend the AFA and USNA summer sessions (maybe CGA). She has been accepted. She has also been accepted to our state's Governors School (summer academic program). We looked at the DODmerb papers, and all seems ok except for the part about growths, tumors, cancer, etc..

She had a hemangioma at birth on her rump. It caused a slight curvature in her ahhh gluteus cleft, with a small skin tab that was removed when she was three. She'll never forgive me if she knows I'm asking this :smile: Hemangiomas are benign vascular malformations (winestains, etc..)

Will this be an automatic and unwaivarable DQ? If it is then she can go to Gov. School and redirect her passions and interests to other pursuits (colleges).

A small hemangioma even if not removed should not be an issue. If it was removed, even with some residual scarring (since it is on the buttocks) should not be an issue.

No worries there, and nothing to be embarrassed about. Oh wait, shes a teenage girl, everything is embarrassing!! :biggrin:
Thanks for letting me know. If all goes well she'll escape the horror of knowing I asked this question.

Again, thank you.