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Sep 27, 2008
My name is Josh, I am an AROTC applicant. I hope to recieve a scholarship and attend Furman, BC, Wake Forest, JMU, Va Tech, U of South Carolina, or Clemson. I look forward to being a part of this board and hope you can help me with any questions and vice-versa. Anyone with information regarding Army JAG, I would appreciate any insight. Thank you.
I don't suppose your username is a reference to the Red Sox? :biggrin:

Welcome to the boards. Everyone here is awesome. lol, I've only been a member for a few days but I've gotten sooooo much information.

I'm also applying for an AROTC scholarship. I don't know a darn thing about the JAG Corps but I do wish you the best! :)
There are more than one Sox, however both are in the AL....which isn't real baseball. :thumb:
Hey, where are you applying for an AROTC scholarship, any of the schools I am?
Actually yeah. They're not my TOP picks (I'm leaning pretty heavily toward Virginia Military Institute and The Citadel) buuuut I am applying to Virginia Tech and Clemson.

I went through the whole thing 2 years ago but didn't wind up accepting the scholarship or going to school (didn't know what I wanted to do with myself, exactly, and couldn't afford room and board and a laptop and books and all) so, here I am again... going through the process for a second time... :rolleyes:

@ LineInTheSand - This is a somewhat valid point. Sometimes I wish the BoSox weren't in the AL. But then I remember we get to kick the Yankees butts as a direct result of the same, and it doesn't bother me. :)
Sabes, are you interested in a service academy? Then u don't have to worry about room/board/laptop.
:welcome1: Josh5sox, glad you found the forum. Good luck with AROTC!
Sabes, are you interested in a service academy? Then u don't have to worry about room/board/laptop.

I would LOVE to go to an SA. Specifically West Point. (Not that I've ever thought about it :biggrin:) But I just don't have the grades (3.2 GPA apparently) and I only have one Varsity sport.
josh5sox, welcome to the SA Forums! I am glad you found us....thanks for introducing yourself. We have members who are knowledgeable about JAG so do not hesitate to ask specific questions. :smile:
Army JAG -

There are several routes. If you are going AROTC for undergrad and want the Army to pay for law school - then:
You may apply for the Army Fully Funded Legal Program. The Army selects 25 applicants each year and they will pay for law school. You must have served in the Army for two years as an officer if you are coming from ROTC or West Point. There is no direct entry from undergrad to law school.

Another option:
After your 4 years of service, resign, go to law school on your own and apply for a direct commission back into the Army. This is quite common.

Talk to the officers in your ROTC department - they may be able to put you in touch with some Army JAG officers and you can get a feel for their career paths.

Good Luck!
sabes forgot to mention, yes it is the Boston Red Sox, I lived in Massachusetts for a while but I recently moved to South Carolina. Looking forward to a BoSox-Cubs world series :)
I know! That'd be crazy. A lot of my family lives in North Carolina and they're all Cubs fans. Dunno how THAT works.

Good luck with your AROTC scholarship :biggrin:
lol oh yeah, my mom's side of my family lives in New York and are Yankees fans, not to mention most of them are/were U.S. Marines, my dad's side lives in Massachusetts and are Red Sox fans, most of which are/were U.S. Navy. My sister is Navy and I am hoping to be ARMY! Everytime I tell people they say we must have the most interesting Thanksgiving :shake: