Hey guys


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Oct 31, 2008
Hey everyone-

my name is TJ, i live in denver CO and I am a Naval Academy and Coast Guard Academy candidate.

this forum is awesome for info and i appreciate everyone who helps us aspiring academy guys and girls out

message me if you wanna know anything else

Hey buddy! Quick question, why not USAFA? Your only an hour away.
Welcome and good luck, Eagle64. It's okay to want to be salty, even if you do live closer to USAFA. We sponsor 3 midshipmen from Colorado, twins from Ft. Collins and 1 from Gunnison. The Gunnison one will be on an exchange semester at USAFA after the holidays, so there are opportunities during 2/C (junior) year to rotate through. There's an active USNA Parents Club in CO, hope you can connect with them and meet some mids/plebes over the holidays.