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Sep 21, 2007
Well, I guess I should introduce myself since I've been using this forum for a while(and plenty of help it has been). I am Ryan, a high school senior. I am a sprinter, going for team captain this year, and trying for the Coast Guard Academy. Looking at mechanical eng. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped me (esp. on the dodmerb) Anyone else out there trying for the CGA 2012? Anyone from DE?
Welcome. I'm glad you've found the website helpful, especially our very popular DoDMERB section.

I just checked the DoDMERB website and found out I'm Qualified (as of 30-OCT-07 ) ! I'm all happy...Now just to get in... Thanks to everyone very much for there help and info(really helped to have this website) I would say that the DODMERB website is very fast... They got my letter for a remedial 2 days after I sent it, which they then reviewed and posted it...fast, it takes a good 3 days for me to get something from maryland to delaware from my bro...
Welcome, rjcuga! Congratulations on becoming qualified medically! I know it is a relief to have that behind you. I wish you the best of luck with your application to the Coast Guard Academy.

Thank you for choosing to serve our country.

I learned a good lesson today..... Never ever ever tell your marine friend your trying to go to the CGA....
Hey! I'm Wryan. I live in Texas, and I'm going for USCGA 2012 also. I hope I can meet you there, that means we both get in! Best of luck :)
alright then, best of luck to you too!... I got to say, this really is something I have stived for in my life. A little more about my last message. My friend Michael (mouse as we call him) just came back from paris island to our school on recruitment duty.... he was a year ahead of me, and I got to talking with him... He ask what am i doing after high school (in all seriousness with his recruitment since two years ago he tried to have me come along) and I told him I'm trying for the CGA. He rolls his eyes and says "Cuga! You would do better in the Marines!" I do respect the marines and all he's doing but the coast guard just seems better for me(law inforcement etc.). I have to say though, I did promise him that if I did ever change my mind to go to the marines, I would find him and say he was the one who convinced me. He's in officer training school right now with another friend of mine(King). It seems a large amount of kids from Salesianum this year are trying for military academys or just going into the military. (we did start a military club this year because of this). One of my friends just got into the AFA. Overall, about 12 people I know are trying. Another funny thing was during my Government class. When the question raised was "if there was a draft, who would willingly go into the service" about everyone in my gov class raised their hand (aparently we were the only gov class to do it).