High School Freshman Grades

It ALL Counts

DO they count grades from freshman year of high school?

Yes, your entire HS transcript is viewed. If you took HS courses in middle school, they'll see that too.

Obviously the more senior you get the more important the grades, however, it is VERY difficult to bring up a marginal GPA. Set a high standard now, and then you have some room to challenge yourself academically.
yeah i basically screwed my self freshman year with a 3.3 both semesters,

that summer it hit me that it would be good enough for any colleges,

i got a 3.55 last semester (sophmore year 1st semester) which brought my gpa up to 3.4

gosh that sucks
It's (almost) never too late. You still have 3+ semesters until USNA considers your application. Plenty of time to bring up your GPA. An upward trend is a good thing.

Also, remember that your GPA is just one factor in the academic review. Much depends on the classes you take, whether you (eventually) take APs, your class rank, your SAT/ACT scores, etc.

You can't change the past. You can improve in the future.