High school student with College credits, how to fill application?


May 26, 2016
DD is a junior in HS, she will graduate in 2018 from High School and also with an AA from College , her school has College dual enrollment, so she study in High school as well as College.(lots of study).
She will apply to 3 ROTC's programs, and in one part of the application they will ask for College classes (credits), this part is confusing, I understand that with too many College credits, that she will have, she cannot apply for the National Scholarship as High school student...but SHE IS a High School student, so how she should answer this question?, did she have to put all her College credits in the application? or do not put this info at all, because she risk to don't qualify?, also her College credits, are valid to transfer only in College's in our State , and she will apply to Colleges around the country were they will not be transferable. I appreciate any help.
Wondermom, CaptMJ posted a link in another thread about this. You might be able to find it with a search.

But, the key to college credits and ROTC is that they are only counted "against" the applicant after the person graduates from high school. So, the dual credit hours do not impact the eligibility.
On the AROTC application, it asks how many college credits the student has. When you put in more than 15, a big box comes up stating they are disqualified from applying, but they may continue with the application. Press forward. If the student is offered an AROTC scholarship, they must provide a letter to Cadet Command, from their school of choice, stating they are accepted as a Freshman student to State U. Most schools will be familiar with this and will quickly produce the letter for you. Just contact the ROO when the time comes. This was the procedure last year.
I would answer the question. How many college credits do you have with a Zero if they are earned during high school. My rational is that dual enrollment credits are treated differently at different schools. It all depends on what college you go to and what they are going to do with those credits. Some schools will not allow any college credit for dual enrollment. Some accept all of them. Those dual enrollment credits do not become me college credit until they are accepted by their school.
In most states, having some dual credit college courses is treated completely different than having an Associates degree. A degree must be accepted, regardless of when it was earned; a random amount of credits, not so much, at least in Missouri, that is the law.

Don't worry about what the college will accept if seeking an ROTC scholarship. Your DD will just have that many more of her gen ed requirememts complete.

Google ROTC eligibility, and you will have the no-kidding answer.
+1 to 5Day. She doesn't have any credits until the college she will be attending awards them to her. They may not accept any credits from the other college... or they may accept some of them, or even all of them... but you don't know until they do. Also, whether or not the new college awards any credits, it's most likely your DD will be spending 4 or at least 3 full years there. ROTC is set up to be a 4 year program but you can accelerate sometimes. And that's why they have a concern about the number of credits the applicant has.
DS had 33 credits through Dual Enrollment similar to your DD if he went in state most would count as core classes but when looking out of state only 15 - 18 covered core but all colleges stated they accept all HS graduates as Freshmen irregardless of Dual enrollment UNLESS a degree is awarded. So he put 15 credits in the how many credits and in the additional information optional dialogue box explained full number of credits and that all colleges applied to would be accepting him as a freshman. He was awarded a 3yr National which he will be contracting in fall. The great part in taking the core classes completed means he has already been able to already start the core of his degree program courses as well as is only having to take 3 classes and his AROTC classes. Gives more time to work on physical fitness, extra curricular, and getting best GPA possible. Having a full 60min credits as needed for most AA degrees is possible that your DD may want to talk to ROOs about competing as a transfer student to contract as a Sophomore if not a Jr. That could maybe have her set up to go to Basic Camp this Summer.