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    I'm currently a rising-Junior, and will therefore start my application next year. I've been wondering, however, which grades the Academy will want to look at. Will they want to see my GPA from grades 9-11.
    This makes me worry for a few different reasons.
    First of all, my school is international and therefore organizes each school year into trimesters instead of semesters. How would I calculate my yearly GPA with trimesters?
    Next, I'm worried because my freshman and sophomore report cards had a few B's. This is due to the overwhelming rigor of my school. My class only has around 10 students who are almost all extremely bright and competitive. I believe I am either first or second in my class. I have confirmed that nobody in my class has managed to recieve straight A's throughout a single entire school year.
    This is due to the program I am currently in. The past two years, I have been enrolled in a pre-IB program, similar to the IB MYP for 9th and 10th grade. Anyways, the curriculum is extremely competetive and rigorous, for it is preparing students for the strenuous IB Diploma Program. Will the Academy recognize and understand my B's during the first two years of high school?
    Next year, due to the start of the diploma program, I will have selected Mathematics, Physics, and English as my Higher-Levels, and Biology, History, and French (advanced for bilingual degree) as my SLs.

    Thanks! I would greatly appreciate any help!
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    Let me simply make some statements.

    1. The average gpa of appointees going to the academy is 3.86. Thus, there are quite a few "B"'s on people's applications.
    2. Don't worry about what grades the academy wants, because you're not the one sending the grades to the academy. Your school will send an official transcript. Any grades you supply on your application are simply for ball park info. They aren't official. Only the transcript your school sends is official. They'll send all grades from high school.
    3. The academy is well aware what the IB program is. They know all about it. They know what SL and HL are. They know what CAS hours are. When your school send your transcript, it will also send you senior class schedule and their school profile. Along with your class rank.
    4. There isn't an applicant here that is sending anything to the academy that is truly unique. The academy has seen it all. From the IB program, to international schools overseas, to private schools, public schools, home schooled, religious schools, etc. Dont sweat that you are in a position that needs to be explained to the academy. You aren't the first to be in whatever position you are in.

    Relax and do your application as quickly as possibly. Get with your school admin know and get them to do their part. Best of luck.

    P.S. You already asked this question in another thread. If you need an answer quickly and no one has responded, simply reply to your original post and say "Bump". This way you don't get people answering both threads and you might not see an answer on the other thread. Plus, it keeps the forum clean not having so many repeated posts.
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