High School


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Jun 18, 2017
Hello! I am curious as to how much of an advantage I will have with applying to the USAFA based on my High school classes. I am currently a tenth grader, but I will be entering my junior year by the end of the summer. My junior year classes are: AP US History, AP US Gov/Politics, Spanish IV, AP English Lang, Engineering Design/Development, and Physics. I plan on taking AP Chemistry my senior year, as well as AP social studies and english classes. My unweighted gpa is 3.95, close to a 4.0. Is there anyone who can assess my situation? Thank you!
I'm not real versed in chancing people but a big hole I see is math. Not only does it make your application less competitive but it can be a real detriment to you at the Academy if you're struggling to keep pace with the classes. I strongly recommend trying to get through calculus 1.
Course load is just one aspect of the whole person evaluation and appears (with the addition of math) on par with many of the other applicants. You will need to round out your application with strong ACT/SAT scores, extra curriculars, athletics, and leadership experience.
You are on a good path in taking challenging courses. I agree that you seem to have omitted math courses. USAFA is a STEM school so your maths are something they will look at in admissions. Being frank with you, the classes you mentioned give you no advantage as most serious applicants will have a similar curriculum on their applications. You do have a high unweighted GPA (meaning is a tenth or so above the median for last year's class). You also didn't mention standardized test scores which is the other part of academic score looked at during admissions.

Read other threads on admissions and you will find all SAs look for the well rounded applicant. Simply being a great student may get you into more selective institutions, but you need athletics and leadership to get into a SA. How are you doing in those two areas? We need more information if you want a real opinion on if you make a strong candidate. No one here can really give you more than that.