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Feb 19, 2008
A couple of days ago I was browsing the Candidate Data site on USNA.edu and noticed that everything but this one part (which I had never seen before) had been completed. The component reads "Candidate Academic Information". I quickly jumped to fill it out and was required to enter my guidance counselor's name and email. The next day I stopped into my counselors office and asked about the email. She says that she received notice that the Admissions Office needs a copy of my updated transcript (which she claims to have sent in early February). Another copy was sent and today I get this email from USNA


Your Required Candidate Academic Information for the United States Naval Academy has been successfully completed by Lynn Stewart. Your Guidance Counselor still needs to mail in an official copy of your Official High School Transcript for your record to be complete. Please ensure that all parts of your application are complete as soon as possible in order to be competitive for admission. Be sure to include your candidate number, 555555, in all correspondence with the United States Naval Academy. Beat Army!"

Admissions Office

This really got me thinking. I went back to my Candidate Data and noticed that my highschool transcript wasn't received until February 13th. I am curious as to how this is possible when I received notification that I was academically qualified in late January. Maybe this is just the date of my updated transcript?

Louis (sorry for spelling)
My son received a letter dated 13 Feb stating that his application was not complete and that one or more of the following was missing (long list). It went on to say that this must be cleared up by March 1. However, his appointment has been sitting on the mantle for over a month...so I am thinking the change in their CIS system has created several glitches!!
The new candidate academic information appeared on my site, but I never had to activate it. Should I call and ask? I'm not sure if my counselor has received anything.
If you read everything on the CIS, you will find this bulletin:

"11-FEB-2008 New Required Document
The Candidate Information System (CIS) now lists "Candidate Academic Information" as a required document. The Candidate Academic Information document is filled out by your guidance counselor. If your required documents section indicates "not received", this WILL NOT affect your offer status. Also, this WILL NOT prevent your record from being reviewed by the admissions board. For those candidates who reapply for next year's class, this document WILL be required for your application to be reviewed by the admissions board."
just a little off topic, is the application complete when you complete everything automatically or is there like something else i have to do?
Hi there. If you have everything submitted, the admissions board should be reviewing your application any day. I finished the last thing on my CIS page (which was my CFA) and the next day they reviewed my application and the day after that, I found out I got my appointment.
And some will wait until mid April to hear anything. Don't make assumptions based on individual experiences. It is a complex system.
Sorry pkn...44. Just because that was my situation doesn't mean you will have the same circumstances. The way I left that last message made it sound like just because that happened to me, that's the way it is... but really, you'll get your response from the Academy whenever they are ready to give it to you. And yes, as soon as everything on your CIS is complete, it is eligible to be looked at (I'm pretty sure) and they will get to it when they can. There is nothing else you have to do unless something else is specified.