Homeland Security USA on ABC


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Nov 25, 2007
Tonight is the first night of Homeland Security USA on ABC. A great deal of access was granted to the crew from ABC. The show details the operations of TSA, CBP, USCIS, ICE, and USCG.

I am DVRing it tonight. Enjoy!
Argh! No can do! It is up against NCIS.
Maybe I can get it online.
What time? I have nothing else better to do, besides finish 1984 :D
I know about 3 of those acronyms you used... TSA, USCG, and DVR... lol

Anyway, thankfully, I also have a DVR.
haha i will have to watch both NCIS and that. i am too poor for Cable or DVR. my TV rocks the rabbit ears
I didnt know about this! Oh well, along with the others, I believe NCIS takes first place in my tv listings :smile: and I was watching the premiere of The Biggest Loser at the same time...I also dont have tivo...I really should get that!
"Homeland Security"

Saw a quick preview for Tues night show, Feb 3. It looked like they're featuring the Coast Guard?! Hope so!
Good quotes from the Dominican migrants as well. Also, good cooperation between Border Patrol and Coast Guard.
I missed it... :confused: and NCIS wasnt even on......

apparently you can go to hulu.com to watch most episodes of most shows on tv! i am going to try tonight as i too missed the episode! :smile: