HOT DAMN! "The Log" is back!

One of my more obscure accomplishments as a BattO was to revive it in 1996 for 3 LOL years, and believe I was the last didn't-get-fired O-rep for it. A fitrep bullet to be proud of. I respect the current Commandant for having the courage to support it again. It's a great tool for political commentary, and with the right guidance, can serve as a gauge for the mood of the Brigade and point out things to be addressed. The most hilarious stories, cover pages, cartoons were often unprintable to ensure the survival of the chain of command, but I enjoyed taking the drafts up to the Dant and Dep Dant for their enjoyment. Great teaching tool for Log staff to understand the ramifications of internet-powered info-sharing and how quickly an insider joke can be misconstrued to the level of a firestorm. With a little tweaking, we managed to get some good stuff published. Some good stories in SHIPMATE over the last year about it. Hats off to Log staff and safe sailing close to the edge of the envelope!
Zaphod, a year or two ago you mentioned missing The Log, and quoted the headline on a a long-ago April 1 edition that cracked me up (especially since my Mid and his older brother rowed on their schools' crews). I'll snarl it up if I try to quote you. Do you remember it?
^^^^ Very cool you guys. So glad to see the tradition continues. NorthernCalMother, was it in reference to the "Dark Ages"? That one cracked me up beyond belief.