House bill would make new ID cards illegal


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May 5, 2007

A House committee passed legislation Wednesday that would render the Pentagon’s new ID cards illegal.

The Next Generation Common Access Card, developed to increase military ID card security and effectiveness, is currently given to service members and government employees only as old ID cards expire. Among other security improvements, the new CAC system removes the holder’s Social Security number from the card’s face and instead includes it in the magnetic strip....


The 'Social Security Number Privacy and Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2007,' passed unanimously by the House Ways and Means committee, would prohibit the government from displaying Social Security numbers on any ID cards, and from embedding the numbers in card magnetic strips or electronic chips.

Great, so what happens to us old fogies who have their SSN on their retired ID, as well as every dependant ID that has the sponsors SSN on it??
This would be interesting because I believe that the SSN that is embedded on the cards is what gets us access to CAC enabled websites within the DOD after we use our PIN to access the card.

I wonder if this would also render the fact that we put social security numbers on our doctor's notes and the like illegal. Hmm.