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    Hey guys! I have been following these forums since my freshman year, and I have read a ton of information regarding the academies. All the stickies, and a ton of posts. I made a sort of “chance me” thread my freshman year and it really helped me out. I am honestly open to any type of criticism you guys have, as I am really invested into attending one of these academies and want to work as hard as I can towards gaining admission. Having people tell me my strong and weak points is extremely helpful. So here is my thread asking fellow forum members to “chance me” and or provide any information I need to know.

    Top Academy Choices:
    1. West Point
    2. United States Naval Academy
    3. United States Air Force Academy

    Gender: female


    Freshman Year:
    Course Schedule
    • Honors Algebra II (Took Algebra I in 8th grade)
    • Honors Biology I
    • Honors World History and Civilizations
    • Honors English 9
    • Government
    • German I
    36th in a class of 336Weighted GPA: 4.2

    Sophomore Year:

    Course Schedule
    • Honors Geometry
    • Honors Chemistry
    • Economics
    • Music Theory and Composition
    • Honors English 10
    • ACP Speech CC
    • German II
    • Psychology
    • Health and Wellness
    Weighted GPA: 4.2

    PSAT Score: 1800

    Junior Year:

    Course Schedule
    • Fitness for Athletes
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Honors Physics I
    • Language A1 HL 11 IB (IB English)
    • Adv. Social Sciences (U.S. History) CC
    • Honors German III
    Weighted GPA: 4.3

    I am going to take the SAT twice, once my Junior year and once my Senior year. Can I take the ACT twice? If so, I would like to take it twice.


    • Participated in Pole Vault last year. I was getting very close to the lettering standard but I pulled a muscle in my leg and basically sucked the rest of the season. This year I plan on taking all precautionary measures and making my goal above lettering standard.
    • I am preparing for the CFA by taking a weightlifting class at school as well as running and exercising at home. I have improved quite a bit already, but I am still very nervous about the CFA.
    • I participate in competitive Tae Kwon Do, not a black belt, but am working towards it.


    I know band does not count towards sports, but it is something that I am extremely dedicated to and I have been told that military academies appreciate dedication. Here are my current stats for that:
    • I am the Drum Major for our Marching Band. We have 150 members and I was chosen from a group of 15 students to apply. Since I have this position my junior year, usually this means I will also be DM my senior year.
    • We have two concert bands at my school. The top band (which is made up of the best players) is Symphonic Band and the second band is regular Concert Band. I am the first chair player for a 20 member section, which means I am the first chair for Symphonic Band. I also play for the Concert Band on a different instrument.
    • Have been a part of the Pep Band (4 years), Jazz Band (3 years), Concert Band (2 years), Symphonic Band (3 years), and Marching Band (3 years)
    • Already lettered and earned a chevron several times.
    I am also going to apply for our National Honor Society once I get enough community service hours.


    • Drum Major (hopefully for two years)
    • Took a leadership camp during the summer (I don’t know if that counts for anything, I just thought I would add it)
    • Will be applying for a scholarship program. It’s a competition based off of a talent, an interview, etc.
    • As I said, I will be applying for our National Honor Society sometime soon.

    So if anyone could provide any comments to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it! :welcome1:
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    Excellent resume!! Congratulations on your hard work and success.

    Leadership in the band is great. Be able to demonstrate your leadership abilities as a drum major. Something like: organized a food drive, organized a holiday concert for a hospital, etc. Show how you made a difference as a leader and shared your passion for music. USNA seems to like drum majors. Look into regional or state bands.

    Consider applying for Girls State or other state and national leadership conferences. You may have to look beyond your school for this.

    Tutoring. Look into opportunities to help others learn.

    Also, make sure you apply early for summer programs at the service academies!
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    My best advice is to take the SAT at least twice during your junior year. I would also take the ACT at least 1x. Typically students can tell after taking each one time which is a better test for them. If the ACT turns out better than take that 2x in your junior year.

    Here are my reasons why:
    1. Many MoCs will have a deadline nomination in end of Sept/Oct. Taking it only for the 2nd time at the 1st time you can your Senior year you could be too late to get the new scores in for your nomination package.
    2. They superscore, so the more, the higher chance you will get closer to a 700. Currently, you are at a 600 marker for each section.
    3. If you intend to apply for ROTC scholarships as plan B, the 1st NROTC board meets end of Aug/Sept. You will not have those new superscores if you get boarded early.
    ~ If you intend to apply for AFROTC scholarship, please know that they do not superscore. It is best sitting. Taking both and multiple times will also help you by learning how to take the test. For AFROTC, best sitting score for the bottom scholarship (type 7) is 1280, and right now using your PSAT score you are at 1200.

    I would also make sure you take the PSAT again this year. The reason why is that if you score in the top 95% of the PSAT as a junior you will be recognized as a National Merit Semi-Finalist. You can place this on your resume as an award.
    ~ It also helps for plan B regarding merit scholarships for colleges.

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