how can i strengthen my application?

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    im a freshman in hs right now, i hold a 3.8 gpa, i have 3 honors courses (bio,world his., English I) w/ spanish I this year. I am taking 4 honors courses next year ( Am. His., Chem., Geo., English II) w/ spanish II.
    Varsity XC- CoCaptain, Earned Conferance Sportsmanship award.
    Varsity Track- Distance Captain(warmup leader)
    Spanish CLub- Class Representative
    Rotary Interact- Chairman, Class Rep.
    Key Club(community Service) Chairman
    Teen Street Team (Dom. Violence advo.)- Class Representative, Chairman

    Student Council- Co-Class Representative
    Academic Aces-(academic Challenge Team) Class Captain competed in district Finals
    Comm. Service:
    City Football LEague- Countless hours, Assistant Coach. 2 championships
    City Baseball, Assistant Coach- 3 championships.

    Bible Study Group Leader
    Employed at J.B LAndscaping Services Inc. CEO, Founder- 4 employees, 11 clients

    Any tips??
    Should i Get more Varsity letters?
    Havent taken ACT or SATs
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    I recommend you start taking both the SAT/ACT exams in your sophomore year and determine which exam seems to favor you then focus on it until you feel you have topped out. The SA's will take your best scores from either exam. You really need to get into the mid 700's on SAT math or 30+ on ACT math. Grammar scores can lag a bit.

    Don't go crazy on sports or clubs, just focus on being a leader in whatever activities you are pursuing. Boys State/Nation and/or Hugh O'Brian Youth are good programs for the SAs. Also would apply for STEM for next summer, and NASS for the summer going into your senior year - or you might look into one of the sports camps via - the objective is to get you some time on the campus (aka Yard).

    Academically, you'll find that the AP courses carry more clout with admissions people than the college prep or honors variety; basically, they are favored because they have a known syllabus whereas the others can vary from school to school. You NEED chemistry, physics, and calculus (you also should get into the best grammar/composition course you can find).

    This is for starters; I am certain you will have other suggestions before morning. The important thing is to get started now and keep your focus - having determined your interest in the SA's at this stage is a great potential advantage, don't waste it. Tell your guidance counselor about your interest and enlist his/her support. I strongly recommend you avoid the temptations to play the odds, take shortcuts, or otherwise cap your efforts. In this period of smaller SA class sizes you truly do need to be the best candidate you can become. Best wishes to you in your endeavor!
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    How are you chairman/president/captain of so many things that are reserved for upperclassman and seniors? I feel as if you are making up your application.

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