How did you find out about your appointment?


Jan 18, 2015
Hi all, I just have a quick question!

How did you (or your DS/DD) find out about your/his/her appointment? Call from your MOC? Email? Updated Portal? Did you just unexpectedly receive the BFE in the mail one day? Some other way?
I called my MOC's office to see if they had heard anything about which nominees will get appointments, but they said that all appointees receive an email from USNA before the MOCs hear anything.
I just want to know what to expect in the event that I get the appointment I worked so very hard for :) Thanks for all your help! I'm staying optimistic and hopeful for all of us 2019 candidates!
The MOC's office is not correct. USNA let's the MOC know before sending the BFE. Some MOCs do call the appointee and some don't. So, from what I've seen either the MOC calls to let the candidate know that they have been appointed and should be receiving the BFE in a few days or the BFE just shows up. No emails from USNA to appointees and the portal never changes with appointment.
Referencing 3 years back, but DS got the BFE in the mail. No MOC call, no email, no portal update.
DD received a call from her MOCs representative about her nomination (she had an LOA). A week or so later, her BGO called asking if she had received her BFE in the mail, as he saw her status had changed to appointment. No update to the portal, and no email from USNA.
I got a letter from my MOC, congratulating me on my appointment. The BFE arrived four days later. Based on others' responses, it sounds like this is not a typical way to receive notification.
DS Class of 2017 heard from BGO. DD Class of 2019 heard from MOC.

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Last year, in Oklahoma, the bfe just showed up. No phone calls or anything before. This is from a friend who got in
DS was in class received a text from MOC SA liaison! Few days later BFE arrived! Tried to bubble wrap till July 1! Now waiting for Herndon!
BFE arrived 2 weeks after call from MOC! Hang in there. It will show up!!!
Both mine just rcvd a BFE in the mail in early October. No MOC call because they were Appointed via Presidential prior to MOC interviews. It was a HUGE surprise the first time because after being on these forums, we weren't expecting to hear until March.
If DS received noms from MOC and President, but he receives appointment from presidential pool rather than MOC slate or national pool, will they give the MOC the chance to inform anyway? Or will he just receive BFE in the mail?
DS received LOA after MOC interview. Had second interview scheduled with Senator. They called to cancel the interview because he received NOM from MOC. 2 days later letter from MOC advising of nomination and 2 days after that letter congratulating on appointment. BFE arrived a week later.
DS was in class received a text from MOC SA liaison! Few days later BFE arrived! Tried to bubble wrap till July 1! Now waiting for Herndon!
Ditto bubblewrap for DS. Good luck to those still waiting!! Go Navy!! Go Class of 2019!!
DS received letter from USNA Dean of Admissions on 21 January 2015. The second sentence reads, "You are GUARANTEED AN OFFER OF APPOINTMENT if your remaining admissions requirements are satisfactorily met." Is this indicative of an LOA?
Sydney C.: Thanks, that is what i thought. DS had not completed CFA as of the date on the letter. CFA was posted January 29, so hopefully, the BFE will be here soon.
DS received BFE in the mail January 29 -- no other prior notice. He has a Presidential nom and one from our MOC, but we couldn't tell which one was "used" for the appointment. And really, we don't care where it came from, just that it's here!
I've seen a lot of people saying they received information on their appointments from their MOC. Would it be inappropriate to call my MOC's office to see if they have any news/information regarding my application?