How do I find out how the AROTC Interview went?


Jun 17, 2017
Hello, my son interviewed with the Army advisor the other day. We noticed that it is marked as completed on his application. We are curious how things went. Is there anyway that we can find out how this was scored?

v/r, are not supposed to know how the PMS scored your interview. You can ask, and he or she may tell you, but they are advised not to disclose the score, and the score is not released to the applicant.
The key is :"How do you think you did?" Evaluate yourself for self growth and future interviews. No interview is perfect. So ask yourself questions like:
Did I connect with the interviewer?
What aspect of the interview do I feel I did a good job?
Which part could I have done better?
Was I prepared enough?
Did "I" ask questions? (DS thought he knew everything, but I made sure he had a couple of good questions to ask the interviewer)
How long was the interview?
There are sooooo many questions you can ask yourself to get a feel for how well you did.

BTW: did you have an interview score sheet to gage yourself? About 5 years ago someone sent one to me. I'm not sure if this is still the basic score sheet they use today, but it can give you an idea of how it is scored. PM me if you are interested.
My son interviewed 3 weeks ago with a PMS several hundred miles away at a small school he wants to attend. It isn't a school that a lot of people know about so the demand to attend that school isn't as high as other places. I wanted to take him there to interview versus a large school because I figured he would get a more favorable interview knowing the culture of the school. In other words, the school fits his personality. The PMS didn't disclose a score, but said he scored very high which surprised me because he lacked quite a bit in one area. After he interviewed, I sent a brief thank you email to the PMS for his time since he had to coordinate some logistics for us, and in his reply he stated that my son did very well and provided an idea on the scoring (he didn't disclose the actual score). I think taking him to this particular college was a great decision which helped his interview score. Maybe you have a good reason to drop an email to the PMS to say thank you so that he has a chance to provide feedback?
+1 @DanGir

Correspondence and phone calls from a parent CAN work against the candidate.

Offer your DS guidance but let HIM run point!