How do I look when applying for USMA?

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    I am an incoming Junior and I believe my chances are on the lower end of the spectrum. However I do want to do anything and everything I can and not give up until the end.

    Unweighted GPA
    - 3.2 (4 C's altogether which killed my GPA)

    Weighted GPA
    - 3.7 (Taking the hardest classes I can)

    - Track (I did a year but ive quit. However, I was an indoor freshman conference champ for the 400m and outdoor conference champ for the 4x400).
    - Soccer (I did two years and my team has tied and broken previous school records for freshman and sophmore year. Although, due to my low GPA I am planning on quitting to focus on my grades. Would this be a good idea? How would it look to USMA?)
    - Gymnastics (I joined my Sophmore year and was pulled into varsity at the end of the season. We ended with a 1st place at the state championships. Most likely will be a co-captain)

    Projected ACT
    - 31 (I would like to raise it to a 33+)

    - VEX club (Joined Sophmore year and plan on continuing with it)

    Class Rank
    - My school doesn't do class ranks, but I'd imagine im about top 30%

    - Planning on getting 200+ hours

    - Went on a mission trip to Nicaragua to teach kids English
    - Recommended to do Leader's PE for Senior year (basically I got recommended by my PE teacher to control the freshman during PE)

    What are other things I can do to improve my chances of getting into USMA
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    Do you currently have a 31 ACT, or are you guessing you will get that? I think if you get a 32 ACT or higher, and can get your class standing into the top 20% by end of first semester in senior year, you should be competitive. Of course it depends on the competitive strength of your congressional district. Far be it for me to discourage volunteer work, but honestly your time would be much better spent on a varsity team sport. Everyone talks about things like community service hours and strength of the high school they attend. Look at the admissions scoring system at USMA, and tell me how many points you get for that stuff? I'm not say on those things aren't considered at all, but when the admissions people look at a candidates file, they see numbers, and you want high numbers. If they are high enough, or at least high enough within your district, you get an offer of appointment. So focus on the things that get your numbers high.

    Study hard in school, and for your ACT. Take the ACT every time they have the test. Super scoring means that you can have a bad exam overall, but still improve on one or two sections, and thus increase your super score. Math is the most important score, followed by English.

    Run for student government or NHS office if it isn't too late. Those spots score lots of points. Make as many varsity sports teams as you can, and if possible, earn a captaincy. Big points there.

    Work hard on the CFA . That is something you can improve by a lot with nothing more than effort.

    Motivation is the key. You are obviously capable of building that application resume, but so are the other 16,000 kids who will apply. The distinction between those who get an appointment and those who don't, I think, is motivation and desire. The kids who motivate themselves to study then go take that ACT on a bunch of Saturday mornings, and who find a place to practice the bb throw, push-ups, sit-ups, pull ups, and run, during Sumer vacation, and even while participating in varsity sports, which can be draining, and still handle at least a few AP classes along the way, are the ones who pose for the picture with that cool looking USMA appointment.
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    How do I look when applying for USMA?

    You don't want to look like me, old and tired! Hahaha I couldn't resist. Well I don't know. If you have been following the course guide on you would be just below par. I also don't know what your district MOC looks like. If you are from an area that is not competitive and you could get a principle nomination you'd be golden. Now would you survive Plebe year academics? Thats another day of typing. As stated above work hard on your standardize tests.

    Push Hard, Press Forward

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