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    Hey everyone! I know you can't tell me what my chances of getting an appointment are, however, I was wondering if you could take a look at my profile and tell me any strengths/weaknesses or things I should work on. Here it is:

    Freshmen (9)
    Class Vice President
    Community service = 4 hours (I just currently started working 4 hours per weekend at the library)
    Freshmen math team
    Freshmen soccer
    Freshmen baseball (in the Spring)
    Varsity swimming

    Classes & Semester Grades:
    Art I = 87
    Physical Education = 97
    Geophysical Science = 91
    Honors English I = 89
    Ancient & Medieval History = 92
    Spanish II = 89
    Honors Geometry/Algebra II = 90
    Average semester grade = 90.7
    GPA = N/A (I can't find an accurate scale to calculate my GPA)

    Boy Scouts (rank = Star)
    Church (I alter serve and will soon start lecturing)

    Criminal Trespass
    Criminal Mischief
    (Last Summer I got caught up with some bad kids and went into an abandoned house in my town - long story, big mistake :frown:)

    Future Goals:
    1. Getting over 100 hours of community service.
    2. Becoming a member of NHS (when I'm eligible).
    3. Bringing my grades up this quarter.
    4. Becoming an Eagle Scout.

    Anyway, sorry for making this so long - I didn't anticipate on it being this long, but please reply as any replies will be appreciated!
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    Keep those grades high! One thing I wish I would have done, stay in student government through out high school. Relative to everything else, it may not mean a ton to the review board, but at least it says that you do have leadership skills and are putting in extra hours in another area that you don't have to. Plus, it's fun! I am a student council VP and I love it, I wish I would have run for class officer when I was a freshman. Another thing, pay really good attention in all of your core classes, these are the classes that will prepare you to take your SAT/ACT exams, a huge help if you get good scores. Good luck.
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    Generally we STRONGLY recommend that students take Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and Grammar and Composition at the highest available level - preferably AP or college if that is an option at your school. I also strongly recommend you start studying for and taking the SAT and ACT exams earlier rather than later. Take both to help you determine which exam series if more favorable to you then focus. Visit and check out the STEM Program information and NASS so you know what to expect and how to prepare. Also check out the summer camps at It is important for you to get inside USNA so you know whether this truly is what you want to do in life. Watch your selection of friends to hang with; you probably can get enough time and space between your brushes with the law and when you will be considered a candidate, but you really can't afford any more such incidents. Let your guidance counselor know that you are interested in the service academies and ask that you be notified when there is a SA event in your area. Check out the college fairs, there usually is at least one academy represented. Do your best the first time every time! Best wishes to you; this is a good time for you to start preparing.

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