How do the payments for ROTC work?


Apr 22, 2016
I recently received a 4 year scholarship and my college admissions consumer was wondering if I personally receive a check each week for school, or if the school does. And how does this scholarship affect academic scholarships that I received from my school. Any other information would be great! Thanks
Army pays the school directly for tuition and fees. If you opt for the scholarship to be used for room and board then a check goes to you(taxable). Stipend and book money directly to you. Not sure on your other question.
Sheriff3 brings up a good point. Army scholarships paid to the school for tuition are NOT taxable.

As far as affecting other scholarships, you should contact the ROO at your battalion or the financial aid department at the college.

In some cases, if the Army scholarship pays the full tuition and fee, a third party scholarship paid to the school may get subsequently disbursed to you (as a refund) to offset living expenses. This can vary from college to college.
Not sure if you are already a cadet or still in high school. If you are a cadet, your hra (human resources) contact person within your ROTC program will usually fill out the paperwork to send to the school's registraar for the tuition payment. There is a system call mypay that you may need to register with to get your book money and monthly stipend-these will be deposited directly to your account. your hra should set you up with that too. congratulations on the scholarship.
And be aware, the money is not there at the beginning of the semester so you need to make sure admissions knows. The timeline for disbursement may vary.

Also the scholarship is not in place until you pass you APFT.
Exactly, first comes DoDMERB, then the APFT once you get to school. The sooner you pass the APFT, the sooner the ball gets rolling to get the money flowing. We were responsible for paying the first semester's entire cost at The University of North Georgia. (We chose room and board because it is more than tuition, even though it is taxable.) Then our son had things to do at and the school had things to do before any money came in. He started getting the monthly stipend first, $150.00 every two weeks for freshman. Then came half of the book money, followed by travel reimbursement. He didn't get the room and board reimbursement until late November, just in time for spring tuition. The scholarship money paid the room and board for spring up front this time around, so that was helpful. My point in saying all of this is, plan to pay the cost of room and board AND tuition the first semester. There is no money until you are cleared by DoDMERB and pass the APFT once you get to school. Work hard on sit ups, push ups and the two mile run all summer long so you can knock it out the first time. Then the money will slowly trickle in. The ROTC scholarship has no effect on local scholarships.
What happens with other scholarships can vary with the scholarship. Some are restricted to paying for tuition only and since that's covered you won't be able to use them (unless you take the room and board option). So... you need to look into the restrictions on other scholarships you might have.
You need to ask if the university allows stacking. It means that scholarships can be added together (stacked) and deducted from the amount owed. Some schools allow it and some don't.
My DS' school never received any $ until after the drop/add period each if you go from 15 to 9 credits (part time) Army doesn't pay. Watch for that, if you drop a class make sure you don't fall below full time credits.