How does an AFJROTC nomination work?

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    As of next year, my junior year in high school, I am enrolled in AFJROTC. Now from all the books I have read and information I have looked at for the academy I have heard of many cadets achieving nomination via their AFJROTC program. Does anyone know anything about applying for this nomination and how one be one becomes eligible?

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    Honor Military Schools and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps

    There are twenty appointments total for all categories. Honor military schools are designated by the Department of the Army, Marine Corps and Navy to nominate Academy candidates annually from among their honor students. Each honor unit may nominate five students to compete for the vacancies. Students should apply to their Senior ROTC Instructor for the nomination.

    Members of college and high school honor Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC and AFJROTC) units may also apply in this category. Five students from each detachment may be nominated to compete for the authorized vacancies. Students should apply for a nomination to their professor of aerospace studies or aerospace science instructor who will recommend nominees to the head of the institution.

    From the USAFA catalog (you may want to look at the whole thing):

    Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and Air Force Junior ROTC
    Five students may be nominated to the Academy every year from each college or university AFROTC detachment as well as
    honor graduates from each eligible honor high school with Air Force Junior ROTC. College or university students must submit
    their applications to the Professor of Aerospace Studies. High school students must submit their applications to the Aerospace
    Science Instructor.

    Best wishes Tyler. :thumb:
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    Your SASI must nominate you( to be considered, the SASI doesn't grant the actual nomination) and your unit must meet minimum specifications, if I remember correctly.
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    FlyBoy is correct.

    Here is the precise wording from AFJROTCI 36-2001:

    5.9. Service Academy Nominations. U.S.C. Title 10 sets aside up to 20 nominations per Service Academy for “honor graduates of JROTC honor schools.”

    5.9.1. Holm Center Operations Support will send a list of the AFJROTC Distinguished Unit Award winners to all three Service Academies.

    5.9.2. The Service Academies will forward packages to these units so they may nominate students for consideration.

    5.9.3. Instructors who have cadets interested in a Service Academy nomination, from a unit that was not a Distinguished Unit Award winner, should email Holm Center/JRO and identify the interested cadets. Holm Center/JROS will identify the unit to the Service Academies, who will then forward nomination packages to these units.

    5.9.4. Due to the level of competition for these limited appointments, cadets are highly encouraged to pursue other nomination sources to increase their chances of earning an appointment.

    USAFA '83
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    Jrotc noms

    Hey there, I was in your position too trying to find info on jrotc noms. The way that works is, your det. has to have achieved honors to obtain the ability to nominate someone. Once your det has that under it's belt, only then you can have a jrotc nominated. Your SASI can nominate up to five cadets to only USAFA, except if your det has honors with distinction, they your SASI can nominate you to any of the SA's. I know this because I'm a senior who just went through the process this year and obtained a jROTC nom. Hopefully that helps.

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