How does the AROTC Book payment work for Scholarship?


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Oct 24, 2016
Do they just give you funds to buy books? or do you have to send in paperwork? What if your books cost more or less then the payment amount?

You'll get $600 deposited at some point near the beginning of the semester. That's it.
You will get $600.00 per semester for books, it will be deposited in your account. You buy your books on your own, if you are clever and shop around you can save some of that money each month, the downside is that if your books cost more you don't get more to cover the extra costs.

Here is a tip, every time you register for classes there is usually a site you go to that has a list of the books needed for that class. Some classes will list quite a few books, don't buy them all ahead of time, check with students that have taken the class before and ask them what books they actually used. If you buy everything they list you'll often go over the $600.00 in a semester. My sons had classes where they listed 7 or 8 books, would have cost $400.00 just for that class alone, they purchased only the main text book and then waited for the class to start. Most of the time they actually had to buy only a portion of the books listed, saved them a lot of money.

Always look for used books when you can, they have started including codes to enter online material with some books to prevent you from buying used but you can still use a number of used books for many classes. Also look at online sites including amazon for books. After a semester or two you'll get real good at finding the deals.
Also, RENT YOUR TEXTBOOKS! If you find something that you love, you can buy it at the end of the term but renting is much more economical than buying. The kids do it online these days and the books are delivered ot the campus bookstore...totally different then when us old parents had to go to the book store, pull all of our books, and then stand in line for hours waiting to pay.