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    I have quite a few EC's and sports on my application and I was wondering how they look at them. Do they value some sports and clubs over others? I currently have:

    JV Baseball- 9th Grade
    Varsity Baseball- 10,11,12th Grade w/ Captain
    Equestrian Team- 10,11 w/ Captain
    Drill Team- 11,12th Grade w/ Captain
    Competitive Skiing Team- 12th Grade w/ Captain
    Rifle Team- 12th Grade

    UNICEF Club- 12th Grade
    Yearbook Club- 11,12th Grade w/ Editor-in-Chief
    Photography Club- 10,11,12th Grade
    Army JROTC-10,11,12th Grade

    I know some of my sports are a little odd as they are not the typical sports USNA looks at. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated!
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    Well USNA is a math and science-based school so an activity relating to that would probably be beneficial. Also, they ask if you have participated in the National Honor Society (NHS). Leadership is also very important. Take all of this with a grain of salt because I, of course, am not on the admissions board.
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    Basically your BGO and Admissions wants to know what YOU accomplished as a member or captain/president/leader of those activities. Another thing they will look at is where your grades are as a result of your participation in so many ECA's. I have seen candidates do themselves in by getting into too many ECA's. Big clue, these scholarships are based on academics primarily.
    Best wishes.

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