How long before we hear?


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Feb 4, 2008
Application complete. Two nominations from a competitive region. I see posts indicating letters have been received regarding academic qualified candidates. My son's stats are all well within the recent accepted range or higher, but no letters have been forthcoming. BGO said chances are good, but no mention of 3Q (which I don't imagine is a problem). Is there somewhere we can check to find out about the "3Qs"?

Is there any action that can (or should) be taken at this point?

Getting antsy.
3Q Status

I'm a BGO, so this is straight "gouge". BGO's will be able to see qualified status of the candidates assigned to them in the BGIS system. I'd start by asking your BGO about the 3Q status.

It shouldn't be long now before most people hear, but as I've said before, Son #2 didn't hear anything until mid-April of last year, and that was to be wait listed. He was granted an appointment about a week after saying "yes" to the question, "Do you desire to be appointed with the Class of 2011?" and is currently a Plebe and doing just fine both academically and militarily.

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Both you and your BGO should know your medical status. The BGO knows only if you are Qualified, Incomplete, or Rejected and not the reason, waiver status, remedial status, etc. In fairness, "rejected" status in the BGO system can change, based on waiver issues, etc.

Your BGO does not know if you passed your CFA, only if you've taken it. We do NOT get your scores nor any notification that you passed/failed. However, it is my understanding that, if you don't pass, USNA will request you retake it.

Your BGO will know if the Admissions board has reviewed your packet and what determination has been made. However, sometimes that information lags a bit in our system. Whether your packet has been reviewed depends in large part on when it was submitted. This time of year, as you can imagine, there is quite a backlog.