How Long Do We Wait?


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Mar 30, 2007
My son is a 2011 candidate for the USAFA. DoDMERB as of today, still lists this on their web site for him:

Agency: US Air Force Academy Sub Agency:
Current Medical Status ( as of 10/17/2006): Pending Waiver Submission/Review

R250.40 - Pending waiver review by USAFA

D224.60 - Disease/chronic pain: lower extremity(ies) hindering active lifestyle
D241.30 - Asthma/reactive airway disease/exercise induced bronchospasm after age 13
D252.10 - Non-rebuttal code
D260.40 - Waiver Denied - USAFA

My son was being recruited by AFA to play soccer. AFA soccer coaches notified us that the academy's only concern for him medically was for the asthma and not the disease/chronic pain (from a soccer injury which has healed). Almost 2 years ago, my son went to our doctor with seasonal allergies. The doctor wrote down "wheezing/asthma symptoms." My son does not have asthma and our doctor has since written a statement for DoDMERB saying that it was a misdiagnosis and it was just a one time case of bronchitis. DoDMERB also requested remedials for my son, so we had a methacholline challenge test done by a specialist which proved that my son does not have asthma. With all of this medical evidence, the AFA athletic department thought that the waiver would be granted, but one of the AFA soccer coaches called us and told us that he went before a board on my son's behalf and the board would not consider the medical records proving that asthma is a misdiagnosis and would not grant the waiver. We're puzzled since DoDMERB still lists the above status for my son and the AFA admissions web site still lists him as a candidate who is medically disqualified. Even my son's ALO officer is puzzled by it.

This has been very frustrating since we have been waiting and battling this since October. Is there any hope for my son? Can anything else can be done?

If his medical status has not changed on the DoDMERB site then no official decision has been sent to DoDMERB concerning his waiver. I would contact the USAFA admissions office to see what they state concerning the status of his waiver. From a DoDMERB standpoint, once the disqualification has been entered it is all up to the waiver authorities from that point forward. The admissions office forwards names of applicants to the waiver authority for them to look at. So at this point admissions would have the "latest and greatest" info.
Thank you for the advice. We emailed the admissions office. Hopefully, we'll find out soon.