How long does it take the acceptance to reflect on portal


Apr 9, 2015
I'm just curious because the kid took a while to deliberate and revisited his top 2 selections and the cutoff is on the 10th. We sent it in yesterday and know that they're bombarded at the moment.
Did you scan it and email it to the person/address given in the form AND upload it on the ROTC website?
If not, do that today. Two weeks ago it took a couple of days to show up on the portal.
It's been uploaded to the portal as well now. Thank you for the tip. It's not suggested on the form but it's a great way to have an electronic record.
Hi - I'm a little worried too. I have emailed the acceptance letter about 2 weeks ago with no response. I have express/registered post the letter that was received 4 days ago but not response. I have also uploaded the letter on my portal but it is not currently showing that I did but still not showing that I have accepted the scholarship. I have emailed them twice but no response. I am a little worried. I live overseas and have not received my information packet either.
My son submitted his acceptance letter to the email address. The next day he sent his transfer request to the same email. We received an email that he needed to follow procedures and submit his acceptance. He wrote back that he had submitted his acceptance the day prior. Got an email back that he hadn't, even though now I could see his acceptance letter scanned and uploaded on his application (which we had not done). I called and spoke with a VERY helpful person. They have been having computer issues, 2nd board deadline is this week, as is paperwork for the last board, plus paperwork for a similar enlisted program scholarship. So give them a bit of time, it will get done.
If it hasn't posted yet, I would give them a call today to ensure they at least have it in hand, and to verbally confirm your acceptance as I believe today is the deadline for some.