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Aug 2, 2006
for you to recieve your DoDMERB information via mail after you have sent everything into the ROTC scholorship program? I finished the application process almost two weeks ago and recieved nothing... is this normal? or should be a pain in the ass and harrass the good ol people at fort monroe with emails and phone calls :shake:

It all depends on which ROTC program you have applied for. For Navy and Air Force ROTC they will not submit your information to DoDMERB until you have been granted the scholarship. For Army ROTC I believe they do not submit your information to DoDMERB until your ROTC scholarship package is before the admissions board. I'm not to sure on that though, so I'll check today and get back with you on that.

Since you refer to Ft. Monroe, I will assume you are applying for ARMY ROTC. My son is in the midst of the process so I'll share our experience thus far.

My understanding is that Cadet Command processes ROTC applications in cycles. The first cycle was run about July 18 so only those applications that were complete at that time would receive letters of notification to move on to the next step which is a PMS interview and scheduling of DoDMERB exam. I am assuming there was also some form of initial "qualifying" based on transcript, test scores, fitness test, etc.

My son's application status on the web was listed as "complete" prior to the July 18 date and he was fortunate enough to receive a letter informing him that he has moved on to the next round of interview and DoDMERB exam. A letter from DoDMERB with scheduling instructions arrived a few days later.

What is your current application status? We used the "check status" link on the scholarship application website to keep tabs on my son's application.

I hope this information was useful and best of luck to you in your future plans.
I am told that

You have been selected for an interview. Please contact the Professor of Military Science at the school of your choice.

And i was finally able to create an account at the DODMERB's website
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TomV is correct concerning Army ROTC. If you were able to make an account on the DoDMERB web site, you should be receiving a scheduling card in the next week or so.
I just finished my medical exams today. I was actually never sent a package containing information regarding what to do until my first chase letter was sent. If you have questions, you can contact Concorde, Inc. at 215-587-9600.
I'm working on completing my application and what is a chase letter? I see one was "sent" but I don't know where to or what it means.