How much will extracurriculars affect my application


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Oct 8, 2017
My list of extracurriculars is pretty sparse. I've participated in two sports, one throughout high school, and the other for only a year. I am paid to regularly pet-sit for my neighbor. I briefly held a job during the summer, but quit without a notice due to poor treatment and an extremely negative atmosphere from the management. I haven't been able to work anywhere else or reliably participate in clubs due to depending on my parents for transportation. My family was recently able to afford a new car and I plan to get a job and volunteer more now that I have the transportation, but it seems like it will be too little too late.
I apologize if this thread is not supposed to be here. I'd just really appreciate any advice or input about this situation. Thanks.
In general, the Academy looks for people who are well-rounded beyond academics. Do everything in your power to get some stuff to write down in a resume. That being said, the academies have been known to make exceptions if you have extenuating circumstances. If it really leaves your application hollow, consider writing one of the essays about it.
Yeah, the quitting your job w/o notice because people were mean (I'm just saying what others may think of your statement above) probably won't sit well with anyone, and of course, you now realize that. Do you live so far in the country that no public transportation is available? Fencersmother doesn't brook many excuses, as mostly, from teenagers (or anyone), they sound like whining exculpations. Are you a senior now?

So, you have managed one unnamed sport throughout highschool. Not one club? No band? No school play? No civic volunteering? No church helpers? No Big Brothers/Big Sisters?

Don't mean to be a DebbieDowner - just wondering.

If it is truly the case that you live in a part of the country where a bus picks you up & takes you 50 miles to school (don't laugh! I rode a bus 40 miles to school when I was a kid. It was indeed a LONG ride) and you had no access to a ride either from parents, friends, neighbors, etc., then say so in your essay - about the disappearing rural life, and how you managed to succeed despite inconvenience and lack of access. USAFA does not frown on the unavailable, but will applaud one who manages to succeed despite trial, despite hardship.
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Thank you for your input. I'm trying not to give out too much info on my particular circumstances, so I'll just let you know that I will take your advice of expanding on my them in my essay.