How often does the board meet?

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    Hello,first off I would like to thank everyone for their posts. Your wisdom has been a great resource to me. I am from WI-District 7, because of this very few people know any information about this process.

    Before Thanksgiving I was told that my file was going to go before the board. However after I explained to the regional office that I has college midterm grades as a high school student, they wanted a copy. This delayed my file, now that USNA has my midterm grades, when will my file go before the board (approx.)?

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    During the 90's and through the first half of the 00's the word that was passed to BGOs and ACs was that the board met weekly from SEP thru DEC and twice weekly after JAN 1 for as long as it was necessary. That MAY have changed, and I am certain someone with more current information will offer up a correction. Best wishes to you.

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