How to handle items during I-day

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    In the instructions to appointees booklet it lists required and recommended items to bring on I-day. At the bottom of the page, it says to hand carry these items, do not leave them in your luggage.

    I only have one piece of luggage, my backpack, with everything in it. I understand that it will be carried in my left hand on I-day.

    But, should I bring another smaller bag to carry my needed items?

    Will our backpacks be taken, or just our phones and civies?

    Please help, very confused. Thanks.
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    You won't need another bag to carry.
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    In previous years, it has been suggested that Basics put their important papers (medical forms), ID, money, debit card, etc. in a zip lock bag within their luggage so that these items are easy to find.
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    Last year we took dohdean's great advice and packed a ziplock bag with her various papers, including shot record, all the ID's she could possibly need and copies of all the other papers she might have sent it. She had that readily available in her backpack. When she checked her backpack in, she pulled out the ziplock and carried it through the processing part. The appointees were given a plastic shopping bag to put a bunch of stuff in as they went through inprocessing before getting on the bus and it seemed that the ziplock bag just got slipped into that bag. All good.
    Bottom line...only 1 backpack at inprocessing.
    Good luck!

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