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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by Max.Vivar, May 2, 2016.

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    May 2, 2016
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    I would love to attend the Air Force Academy, here are my current grades and extracurriculars. I am a Sophomore, so I don't have SAT scores. Any advice, or tips regarding how I stack up against others applying would be greatly appreciated.

    GPA: 3.7

    Sophomore Classes:
    Literature 10
    Global History II (No APs are offered to grades 9 & 10)
    Spanish III
    Algebra II/ Trigonometry
    Visual Art

    My Junior Schedule:
    Literature 11
    AP US History
    AP Calculus
    AP Physics
    Writing Arts 11
    AP Spanish Language and Culture (If it is offered)

    Model UN
    NHS (accepted for junior year)
    Wrestling (Going to be captain next year and senior year, talked to coach)
    Competitive swimmer at a club team
    Variety of community service, mostly working at a soup kitchen- about 25 hr/year

    Thanks again.
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    Sign up for some standardized testing ASAP. The more you take the ACT/SAT, the better. USAFA and the other SAs super-score (look it up). Find which is your better test and focus on that much before your application is due. Practice makes perfect.

    Search this forum for other chance-me or stats threads from previous years to get an idea of what appointees have in their applications and guide you. And take a look at the amazing candidates who were rejected too! That is what you will be up against.
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    Mar 10, 2016
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    Try to get into boys/girls state the summer of your junior year.
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    Mar 14, 2015
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    As a Sophomore, you are not competing against others........yet. You are competing against yourself. You are sitting on a 3.7. How can you better yourself and go to a 3.9? You are volunteering 25 hrs now, how can you carve out time and up that to 40 hrs next year. At this point you must be self-motivated to make yourself the best, most competitive candidate you can be when that time comes and you are competing against others in your district and nationally for the USAFA. So much goes in to becoming a competitive candidate. Your performance on the CFA, ACT/SAT scores, class rank, where your high school ranks nationally, letters of recommendation, essays, leadership positions, getting a nomination, etc, etc. It looks like you are on track right now and you have some good credentials but eventually you will be stacked against others. You have no idea who that will be and you have no control over them. You can take control of your situation now and go nowhere but up.
    Get in excellent physical condition and be ready for the CFA when it is time (there are videos to help you with this, esp. the basketball throw). Take the ACT/SAT soon and as often as you can so you can get the highest scores possible (the Academy superscores). Max out on everything you can: GPA, ACT, CFA, leadership positions, volunteerism, etc. Wish you the best!

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