how to proceed after DQ on shoulder

Jay Brickman

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Sep 30, 2006
My son recieved DQ after sending medical records regarding shoulder surgery he had in 2004 to correct shoulder separation. He recovered fine, finished his senior year football and hockey season and had summer 2006 report from doctor saying he was 100%.

What is next step to get waiver?


Based on the information provided I have to guess there were multiple dislocations of your son's shoulder for DoDMERB to disqualify him. They should not disqualify for a single dislocation corrected w/surgery, unless your son still has some limitation of motion, chronic pain, or nerve damage.

You have 2 option. Once is to request a rebuttal of the disqualification, basically telling DoDMERB that they made an error and that your son should not be disqualified. If he has any of the items I mentioned above, DoDMERB will not remove the disqualification.

Second is to go for the waiver. In the disqualification letter that is sent by DoDMERB, it explains which academies and ROTC programs require a wavier request by the applicant. Regardless of which academy or ROTC program I would have your son write a letter to DoDMERB requesting that they forward it to the wavier authorities. In this letter I would have him state in his words what happened, what medical and physical therapy he has gone through as well as where he is at now from a physical standpoint, and what activities he currently participates in and how his shoulder bothers him, if at all.

If your son has not received the letter from DoDMERB the information is on the DoDMERB web site.
there were not further dislocations after the surgery and it was documented in the doctor report.

when we got the DQ it said that it was non rebuttable and that we could only apply for waiver. we did and it came back still DQ without any instructions on what to do. it does have a telephone number to call.

I will look on the website as you suggest to hopefully get some ideas.

your reply was very much appreciated. His ROTC unit is not helping him much and he is one of their top freshman so not sure what is going on and of course they wont talk to the parents.

He just got notice that two of his congressman will interview him for the academies so well see if they can help with this IF he gets a nomination.

thanks again