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Jun 18, 2008
My son is a potential 2013 applicant to the USMA -- we are trying to learn about the process and came across this website. A few questions:

1--broken bones -- if a typical boy has a simple fracture of an arm when he's 10, and it completely heals, is this reported and do we have to track down x-rays or a doctor's report?

2--if an applicant had asthma until age 8 or so, and then never had it again, but used an inhaler with bronchitis at age 15, how do you start the process to get this cleared?

3--if an applicant fainted twice in his life, both times as a result of sunstroke, what will dodmerb require to get this cleared?

Thanks -- I just want to make sure these aren't automatic dq's before we even start and try to figure out how to clear things up so ease the process before my son's heart gets too set on attending an Academy.
Our DS had a broken arm at 1 pt and a broken foot, neither breaks were an issue. The asthma and heat stroke maybe another issue. Dodmerb will make the decision and if he receives a DQ, then you can start the waiver process. Waivers sometimes require further testing, and the process can be lengthy.

Good luck
I will gladly answer your generic questions with generic responses, but provide the previous posting below response # 3 if you wish to obtain a more definitive response regarding your son. Sometimes casual conversation like used here, may not be clinically accurate and may mislead without regard to the potential for medical waivers .
1. DoDMERB wants to ensure all fractures are healed properly; will not have an increased risk for future fractures; and/or does not have any resulting limiting factors such as functioning, strength, range of motion, stability, etc. This is “possible,” depending on specifics, to be ascertained through questionnaires, or statements of athletic participation and/or current evaluations.
The next 2 questions will be answered with this as the reference:
2. “Current bronchitis, acute or chronic symptoms over 3 months occurring at least twice a year is disqualifying.” (fails to meet medical standards) Para E.1.9.5.
3. “….History of ….sunstroke is disqualifying….” (fails to meet medical standards)
If you have any questions regarding DoDMERB about policies, procedures, your specific case (I will have to verify who you are), or anything else, I am the DoDMERB official to provide you a response. I'm always available and in most cases, will respond immediately, but will respond within 24 hours on all cases.

Due to access issues while at work, I may not be able to view this website more than once a day (but I'll work on getting access). But, my email address is ALWAYS open. I'm the DoDMERB Bureaucrat Buster. Give me a chance:)

Larry Mullen
Deputy Director, Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB)
8034 Edgerton Drive, Suite 132
USAFA, CO 80840-2200
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Sorry, the refeerence paragraph was cut off the original message. Here it is:3. “….History of ….sunstroke is disqualifying….” (fails to meet medical standards) E.1.27.8
Quick Response!!


Well, I posted my questions last night, Larry Mullen responded, I sent him an e-mail with some more info and received a phone call this morning!! Wow -- I'm impressed!

LM let me know how to proactively start handling my son's issues (get medical records ready) -- thanks!!