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    Hello all,

    Back in March I completed an application to the Air Force academy summer seminar, I was given an offer to go, however I turned it down since I had gone to another service academy's summer seminar.

    I remember trying to fish my way through the academyadmissions website, and I had logged in with the information I provided back in March. I see that they have a gage for my application based on my old resume and test scores and grades. I would like to update this but the website does not allow me to do so? Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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    Is your application online that you are looking at, the one for summer seminar or the one for Academy Admissions?

    You are not able to update your Academy application yourself, until you are deemed a Candidate. Does your application status say Candidate or Applicant? But, even then you cannot update the gpa and score info yourself.

    A sure way to get that updated is to send in the transcripts, profile and scores directly to admissions. My son did that prior to becoming a Candidate and they updated his file.
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    singapore is correct, if you are applying for the class of 14, you cannot personally update it, they have total control over it.

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