How was the USCGA Commencement Speech by Pres Trump?

The cadets are uncovered during the whole ceremony. I could ask my son why. My guess, I say again, my guess is they are uncovered so they can shake hands rather than salute. Anyone with real knowledge please speak up.

The new covers are off to the side, so they're off saluting pretty soon after graduation. I honestly can't remember, but it would be a lot of saluting, as there are multiple anthems to stand up for too (and some are pretty long). You can be uncovered. We were uncovered while eating, even outside.
They marched in uncovered. Their new covers were off to the side as LITS said. The old covers were prepositioned under the chairs they were assigned to. Once the processional was done an announcement was made that all officers and cadets involved in the ceremony were to uncover. This included the 2/c who cordoned the President (they sat behind the faculty during the ceremony). The announcement went on to say all other military not involved in the ceremony were to remain covered. So the pictures of the officers like Admiral Z are uncovered. That doesn't answer why.
Checked with my son who just graduated. He doesn't know why they were uncovered either.
32 years ago today, USNA Class of 1985....President Reagan guest speaker, shook the hand and presented the diploma to each graduate on a hot, humid day...the best SA graduation ever...not withstanding your own SA graduation ceremony...of course..:)

The best one will always be your own, no matter who the speaker is and what they say...even if it's the ultimate blowhard, Joe Biden...:)

Damn, I remember sitting in the bleachers listening to that one. I think it was 2012's graduation. I remember it because it was so awful and I remember feeling sorry for all the grads having such a bad speaker. Couldn't wait for it to end

The speech I remember most from my time was Robert Gates' Thayer award acceptance speech in Washington Hall, great speech and great man.