How was the USCGA Commencement Speech by Pres Trump?


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Jun 17, 2010
Wondered if anyone was there and, if so, what their thoughts were on the speech? I haven't heard anything about it so I am not trying to start a fight. Just curious.
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I have been to 4 SA commencements and all were president's or sec of def types. Some were political with little to do with the audience and more to do with their political agenda, but most spoke pretty directly about the SA and what it means to the nation.
I only heard snatches of replays on TV, or during the actual address. It sounded to me like this one was a little of both. There was a lot about his current political troubles, but he did turn it around to "don't let your critics stop you" and "keep doing what you think is right". Good advice for any graduate.
Not knowing much about USCGA this was a good speech for the country, too. It was a challenge to live up to a much needed career and to help the nation. The quips here and there I could do without, but the overall message was "You're ready, let's get to work."
I was not personally in attendance, so I just watched and listened to the entire 28 1/2 minute speech.

I will have to admit that other than about 2 1/2 minutes of talking about what has been accomplished during his current administration, which he did tie back in to the Coast Guard's mission and the Academy, I thought it was a good commencement speech. Tremendously better and more relative than the hour long one I listened to at my oldest DD's university commencement of which less than half was even relevant to the graduates in the audience.
I watched it (not live). I really liked what John Kelly spoke about and felt the Distinguished Graduate Popiel did a great job. The comments that followed the Presidents address to the graduates were heated, confrontational, and rude. You can barely find Kelly's speech nor the Distinguished Graduates speech in a search... :{

A young me attended my nieces graduation at Berkeley and felt the woman who spoke at her graduation just made me cringe.
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Gates at 2011 USNA was the best.
Gates anywhere is the best! DS heard him in 2013 at the boy scout jamboree, then got to spend a few minutes with him at the Reagan Library and for a q&a for his new book/signing. DS's face still lights up when he talks about that night.
Capri120 and No1fanof2 have it pretty well. I was there. General Kelly was brief with excellent advice for young officers (and I would like to find a copy if possible). ENS Popiel was also excellent. President Trump spoke for 28 1/2 minutes (no, I didn't time it). His speech was geared to the Coast Guard. He stuck to his speech pretty well. There were the obligatory comments on what his administration has done and will do, which every president since the first one to speak at an SA says. He did make some possibly off the cuff remarks about the media, but told the cadets to never give up. Overall, I was pleased.
I was there. General Kelly was brief with excellent advice for young officers (and I would like to find a copy if possible). ENS Popiel was also excellent.

Is this what you were looking for?

My daughter who is an incoming cadet and I watched the entire graduation together live online. Having spent a limited amount of time at the academy this was a great glimpse into the future. Popeil was so well spoken and personable- truly impressive! Trump did a good job for about 25 minutes of his speech, but what really stood out to me was how sincere he seemed congratulating each graduate as they revived their commissions. He was playful and enthusiastic after fumbling a bit at the beginning with the logistics of the presentation.

One thing that as a mom stood out- why did they have everyone remove their hats during the speeches? It was so sunny- would think the hats offered sun protection.
32 years ago today, USNA Class of 1985....President Reagan guest speaker, shook the hand and presented the diploma to each graduate on a hot, humid day...the best SA graduation ever...not withstanding your own SA graduation ceremony...of course..:)

The best one will always be your own, no matter who the speaker is and what they say...even if it's the ultimate blowhard, Joe Biden...:)
The cadets are uncovered during the whole ceremony. I could ask my son why. My guess, I say again, my guess is they are uncovered so they can shake hands rather than salute. Anyone with real knowledge please speak up.