How will this effect me(question too long to write in main question bar)


Apr 20, 2017
I am a freshman in high school and i took meds for adhd and anxiety but stopped at the age of 13 and haven't been near anything like that since then. I am 15 now and plan to apply to USNA, West point,USCGA,USAFA, and VMI my senior year when i am 18. I go to a well respected boarding school in Asheville NC and i am wondering if this will effect me badly in the future. I also want to be a naval aviator and that is my primary goal. i have read that its fine and it will not effect you if you have been off meds for 4 years but i wanted more insight, Thanks.
I just posted this link in another thread for someone applying for NROTC.

At some point, all candidates for an officer accession program provide a medical history. DODMERB Qs or DQs per the standard in the officer accession policy. Individual Services may or may not waive per their own internal guidelines.

See p. 46-47 in link below. Browse the DODMERB forum and use the search function for ADHD.

Others will no doubt post helpful comments.
You should be fine. Dodmerb likes to see someone off meds for a period time (can't remember if it's 1-2 years). So you should be good. Read all the stickies on the forum and the admissions page inside and out to prepare yourself.
For ADHD, as a general rule, if you're off meds for a certain amount of time AND do not need special accommodations (e.g., extra time, sitting in front of class), you should be okay. However, every medical issue is different and no one here can guarantee anything.

I don't know whether anxiety issues prior to age 14 are an issue and, if the are, whether they can be waived. Some conditions are waiverable and some are not. Some are more likely to be waived and some less likely.

My guess is that you will likely get a "remedial" for one or both issues, so you will want to gather all of your medical records. You won't know the answer until you apply and go through the process.
DODMERB is always a vast unknown. As a freshman the good news is you have lots of time and the more time that passes since you stopped taking medications the better.

My advice is to get your ducks in a row when you start your USNA application process:

1. Get a full copy of your medical records from your doctor. Be prepared to send these to DODMERB upon request.
2. Ask your physician to create a letter of your treatment history. When and why were you prescribed medications and most importantly , when were you taken off and why. This letter should be on letterhead with your doctors signature.

Plan on your medical condition throwing up a red flag and an initial DQ. The key is to be prepared to fight the ruling with DODMERB as this may take a few months going back and forth with phone calls and documents.

Best of luck and keep plugging!
Also, because you COULD (and I emphasize that word) have an extended exchange with DODMERB, you will want to get your medical exam done early to give you the maximum time (if needed) to sort it all out. In order to get an invitation from DODMERB, you typically need to have completed at least 50% of your application package. So work hard to get that done during the summer or early fall.