Howdy all


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Dec 18, 2007

Just want to introduce myself. I never attended the USMMA, but I've been involved as a civilian volunteer shooting coach since about 1995. Currently I work with Fred Seiling, the rangemaster, with the PE class in the M9 pistol and with others who wish to make the Navy Qual. or just learn how to shoot. Don't wanna give any of you swelled heads, but after working in education in NYC for over 30 yrs, the Midshipmen are like a breath of fresh air.:thumb:
Welcome! I completely agree that you've got some pretty great kids up there! Of course I might be kinda partial. Thanks for doing what you do. I know a few of the kids that just obtained their qualifications & they really enjoy the program. Too bad you guys don't have a precision team any more. :frown: