I-Day 2009


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Jul 7, 2008
Parent question re I-Day for 2009… I understand Admissions Day is scheduled for 1 July 09, is that a firm date?

If one were to be conservative, how long should a hotel be booked in case the date slips? How tough is it to get a room in Annapolis during that time of the year?

Thank you for the help!:thumb:
Hmm jumping the gun a bit? I'm assuming you have an LOA in hand? If so never mind...but I would say you have a little time to make your arrangements.:smile:
I would not consider it set in stone until you are much closer. Last year, I-Day was pushed back a week. With that said, there were still plenty of rooms available to be gotten in March and April.
Also, while it's desirable to stay in Annapolis for I-Day, a hotel outside of town isn't fatal. It's not like Commissioning Week or PPW where there are several/many days of events so you want to be nearby. Worst case, on I-Day you just have to get up a bit earlier in the morning in order to be there on time -- something you'll quickly get used to.:biggrin:

The one thing I would recommend . . . once you have an appointment in hand, start watching for the dates of PPW. It's really handy for your parents to be close by so they don't spend most of the WE driving to and fro. Thus, for that event, you may want to book early.
The advantage of staying within walking distance on I Day is that after you have left the new Plebe - you can go back to your hotel for a bit before the Oath of office at 6pm. We went back and got together the first care package and then walked it over to the Annapolis Post Office on Church circle, got the Plebe a cold drink and something to eat so that he had something after the Oath. Also you will not be able to park on the yard and parking in DTA on I Day is tough at best so you end up needing to park at the stadium and use the shuttle or really having a long walk.
Time on I-Day

What time are the plebes suppose to report in on I-Day?
What time are the plebes suppose to report in on I-Day?
All will be explained in an Admissions packet as to the what, when, where and how. That's almost the easiest part of it all. Check-in times are staggered throughout the day to manage the intake flow of more than 1200 (last year) happy plebes. Most arrive in Annapolis the day/night before and enjoy their last liberty for a while.