I-Day Body Fat


Jun 15, 2006
A candidate who is a non-recruited football player decides to beef up before I-Day in order to be more competitive in making the team. How stringent are the body fat measurements and calculations in cases such as these?
3 years ago, anyone who was over body fat on I-day (including the recruited football players) were given a stern warning, and placed on a remedial PT program and had to be under by the end of plebe summer. They would threaten that anyone who was over body fat on I-Day would be sent home, but I've never seen it. Of course if the applicant shows up 5% over body fat I'm sure there would be some talking to. The Supe makes the final decision on everyone who gets sent home on I-Day.

I would tell this applicant he better ensure he is either not over max height/weight or over body fat. No need to risk loosing the appointment.