I fOUnTed iT AlsO tOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 15, 2006
I haff also too been serching diligently to find fourm to help assist son my Abdul to attend one of your military schools. I myself too think I have found it. How much it cost??

You feelin' OK there, buddy?

ETA: Oh! Never mind! :biggrin:
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Zaphod said:

You feelin' OK there, buddy?

ETA: Oh! Never mind! :biggrin:

Oops. Wasn't thinking. Really stupid. Probably kind of like getting a tattoo between the acceptance letter and I-Day. Now that the spam is gone, people will think I am more dumb than they thought previously. Oh well, live and learn. However, this is definitely not as painful as getting a tattoo removed.

Actually, things are kind of dead. Couldn't think of any more jokes. Just trying to liven things up.
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USNA69 said:
Oops. Really stupid. Probably kind of like getting a tattoo between the acceptance letter and I-Day.

I've been following that thread, also, USNA69. It's been really hard to keep my mouth shut. Most of my opinions have been expressed by others, so I guess I'll just leave it alone. I still find it hard to believe that the kids themselves don't care to follow the regs, and there are parents out there who defend their kids 'rights' to not follow the regs.
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Several years ago I was doing an awards night at the high school. After waxing as eloquently as possibe over both the Foundation (where he was headed), the Academy, and the candidate, he came forward to receive the presentation. The camera captured me just as my jaw hit the floor. He had a hole in his left ear that one could drive a tractor-trailer through. He is now wrestling for Navy.

From then on, I tried to make it a point to mention body alterations in passing during all interviews. However, last year, kid at the same school I taught, family friend. dad a retired Navy Master Chief, etc. etc. I didn't think it necessary. He dropped by to say goodbye on the way to NAPS. "What the f*** is that on your arm?" He had one of those bicep bands. Oh well, live and learn.
The whole tattoo controversy has me wondering….Does USNA tattoo policy differ from USMMA? Do they allow the non-visible type? USMMA allows tattoos but not of an inappropriate nature as described per their policy (page 13 of their admissions catalog). Nor can it be visible through any part of their uniform. I’ve seen a few kids with tattoos there. Mostly on their backs, shoulders or chests that keeps them hidden. Almost all are maritime related. I even know a few of them who have gone to sea and followed in that grand maritime sailor’s tradition of getting one. Son isn’t one of them as he knows I’d beat his *beep*. He emailed me once from some south pacific island teasing me that the crew was going to take him out & get him one. I had nightmares for a week from his not so funny joke, that he’d die of some strange blood disorder. I’m truly neither here or there on the debate of a civvy kid over 18 doing what they will but feel it best not to temp academy rules & regs on the matter. I don’t like them personally and I don’t feel that only “bad” kids get them. I just think kids applying to an academy should look more closely at the policy and understand the root of why the policy was put into place. Its there for a reason.

USNA69, your spam son Abdul wasn’t a big hit it seems? LOL I’ll be on the look out for a joke for you to raise your spirits.
The regs must be different

I didn't realize USNA had souch tough regs on tattoo's, I figured they would be the same as officers in the Navy, but I have learned over the past few days (and should have known) that they are much more stringent at Annapolis.

I know several of my classmates at KP who got both tattoos and body piercings while midshipmen. Some were rather large, taking up a whole side of the upper arm and just barely hidden by the uniform. One track guy got a chicken with a noose around it's neck (don't ask, I have no idea) on the outside of his calf. There were several tongue rings as well, they would simply pull them out while in uniform.
Personally, I have nothing against tatoos. I told my oldest two years ago she could have one for her college graduation. She took a pass - afraid of needles. That did set the stage for my others - the rule is to wait until after you graduate from college.

I would question not the tatoo itself but why anyone with an appointment would even risk it healthwise. Yeah yeah, everyone knows all tatoo parlors are "safe". Hmmmmmmmm that is why you can't donate blood after having a tatoo. There is a risk of hepatitis or any blood born disease. No matter how small that risk why would a candidate take the risk? I am pretty sure getting hepatitis is a no go for DoDMERB and might not make you commissionable.
Abdul no tatoos. I noticed that some of the football players in the army/navy game had significant tatoos. I think these kids get them out of peer acceptance-to be kool. I visit the Navy Dive School (NCSS) in Panama City everymonth and it floors me to see the amount of tatoos these kids have on their leggs and arms. You do stupid things -you pay the price.
You should get back there, shipmate! It's getting fun! :shake:
Your bad Z. Someone could really spin em up with the religeous factor.
Religion? What's religion got to do with this? :confused:

Hell, if I had wanted to spin things up, I would have. I simply spoke the truth. Now it turns out the girl got the damned tattoo in PRAGUE. Okay, so 10 out of 10 points for style, but minus several million for good thinking, you know?
It won't take long for her classmates to figure out who she is. Lets see a female from Georgia, how many of them are going to be in the class of 2011.

My spouse has always reminded me that I should not do anything to embarass my children. No cute stories about when they were 4 years old.

There was a parent talking about his son's issue with having clean socks and underwear. Something about changing 3 times a day. Upperclassman with this info will have a field day. My spouse said this kid better get use to feeling wet and dirty, he will never make it through BCT otherwise. My spouse is a grad.

Example of embarassment out of your control, our flight doc a grad, married a wonderful gal ivy league grad. She had 400 pairs of shoes, his call sign was about her shoes, not anything about him. Fighter pilots can be mean!
Z, I enjoy all of your post. I agree that you told the truth. Obviously, others don't hold the same views or truths. I am not a Bible pusher but many various opinions or interpretations are made about tattoos and body markings in various passages in the Bible. I would think that the moral fiber coming from most parents would have some religeous belief system base. You have a great ability to verbally write your thoughts-I do not. I like to read just about anything I can get into my hands.
TN?? I gotta know.... How many kids at AFA have tattoos if you had to guess-ta-mate? I guess I'm just curious with all the debate on the issue.

J_A_M, I have one horrified of needles as well. Had to breathe in a paper bag in 8th grade after the HpB shot. How's that for embarrassing your kid. :shake:
Im gonna get a real nice "RANGER" and "SPECIAL FORCES" tatoo on my shoulder after i complete the appropriate training! Hardy har har =P
Lesya, you might want to clear your PM box. Also just realized you facebooked me. craziness.