I GOT IT!!!! But i stil have a question.


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Nov 4, 2007
I got my nomination from Congressman Tim Ryan today for USNA! Im so happy... However, when I called about a possible nomination for USMA, the lead man didn't know. Also, one last thing. I still have interviews schedualed with Senator Brown and possibly Senator Voinivich. Should I attend the two senator's interviews or should I "cancel" them? Thanks for the support everyone, i know ive probably been annoying. :smile:
Defintely go to the Senator interviews.

CONGRATULATIONS on getting a nomination to USNA!!! :yay:
Congratulations on the nomination! Most definitely attend the other interviews. One nomination is all you'll need, but more will just allow for better chances of receiving an appointment.

Best of luck.
MOM is right. But another reason to attend is to get the USMA nom.
Thanks everyone. both of my interviews are 4 hours apart from each other :), saturday is gonna be fun!
luv, you have a great attitude! Go in there and enjoy meeting some great people. It is likely that you will meet them again one day in a different setting. These interviewers are people that make a difference in their communities. It is a real honor to get an interview with one Senator's committee and you got both! Good luck!
S. received letter in the mail today from Senator Bond, nominating him to USNA :thumb: :yllol: . His MOC (Rep.)interview is this Saturday morning (160 mile drive r/t).
Is it needed now ? He has his LOA....thinking about going for the experience .