I gotta brag on my DS a bit...


Feb 2, 2017
He did his PFT today and I am so proud!

a smidge low on his pushups, that cadence pushup is a bugger!

34 pushups
85 sit ups
and (drumroll please)
9:28 on the mile and a half!

While I know these aren't tippy top of scores, that run blew this fat momma's mind!

Teacher submits tomorrow for his final thing and then we wait. And wait. a.n.d. w.a.i.t. Patience is a virtue.
Congratulations on your DS PFT results. Question about the teacher’s recommendation letters? Do they submit them online or by mail?
Look like someone's got a 231 next to their name! Way to go and squeak it out on the run for one more point over 9:29ers!!

I agree cadence push ups are really hard!

Would you ask your DS, and please anyone comment on the FEET placement on situps/pushups for PFE (vs. CFA for other SAs) When looking at the pictures and reading the instructions, it seems you place your feet together for the PFE, but you can place 12 inches apart for CFA?