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Nov 18, 2007
Hey everyone,
Last week usafa sent me a letter saying they haven't received results on my medical status, but i was qualified by DODMERB already, they just didnt receive the results yet. As of friday, i am a medically qualified candidate according to my online USAFA application. Yay!! now that everything is done, i am just going to have to wait...(like i have been waiting, but now there are no reservations)
Yes, flyboy!!!! This is BIG news!!! Thanks for letting us know...and congratulations on getting medically qualified! :thumb:
thanks for the encouragement! and how is it big news? because i hear it CAN be kind of tough to get medically qualified sometimes...
Becoming medically qualified is just one more piece of the puzzle - in the long process of becoming qualified for possible admission to a SA. For many candidates, it is the toughest and most tedious piece to obtain. And ususally the very last piece they need. So I think it is big news that you have that last puzzle piece!

Good luck with your wait...and remember to update your file with any academic or athletic awards you receive this spring.
Perhaps a USAFA candidate can give you the definitive answer. I am not sure of the USAFA protocol for file updates. I suggest sending an email to your USAFA Admissions Officer requesting that he/she add any new significant accomplishments to your file.

I do know that for USMA candidates, updates can be sent via the email link on their candidate page.
You need to contact your ALO. You cannot go into your account and add into it since it is locked to the candidate, not sure about the ALO's ability to add to your account. If you can't get in touch with him (which you really need to keep him/her in the loop) than get in touch with your regional.

Our ALO contacted DS at the end of FEB to submit more info before Mar. 1 which was the date the books closed, so I am not sure you can submit more info, since they may have already given you a WCS already. Yet, I would say if you have more things that you did not predict out, then try, because it does not hurt. Especially since someone who was given an appt. may turn it down.
You can always submit more information. Make sure it is significant and submit it directly to academy admissions through your academy admissions officer. If you don't know the protocol then call the admissions office. If you win a significant award, honor or competition then submit the information, i.e. copy of certificate, newspaper articles etc.