I know we are supposed to be patient, but...


The waiting is tough and I wonder if my son needs to do anything to try and push it along.

Key dates
1. As part of his USNA application, her was DQ'ed (childhood asthma) back in September
2. Additional records - including the results of a range of breathing tests with a former Navy doc were sent in in November
3. Right before Christmas he was selected for An ROTC-MO scholarship.

In early Jan his DODMERB portal was updated to reflect the NROTC-MO scholarship. What is bugging me is that it has been sitting in "Pending Waiver Submission/Review" since then. I know that the NROTC selection should trigger an Waiver Review. Given that - I expected some more updates by now - but nothing has changes since Jan 11.

Should my son try to call into DODMERB to see what is happening?


DoDMERB dq’ed your son.

USNA now has it and they make the decision to waive. Not DoDMERB.

You could call them ... but it’s a waste of time imo.

Waiting sucks.


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Keep in mind that the civilians who work in Admissions were affected by the govt. shutdown.


As of yesterday DoDMERB is working with a 30-45 day minimum processing time for Remedials, and Waivers are all controlled by the individual Waiver Authorities (each SA and ROTC program has their own). Probably better to contact USNA and have your son speak with his Admissions Officer. For ROTC contact his ROO at his Battalion Command.


I called in for NROTC MO and was told by my DODMERB technition to call a number for the office that reviews waivers two weeks from when it showed up online. The captain who picked up gave me my case number and told me to send her an email in two months (I think it’ll be March, wrote it in my planner) because they can take awhile to process the paperwork of a waiver. Take that as what you like, if you want to wait til March to call or call now. No one seemed bothered by me inquiring so soon.

Good luck!


For a "waiver" as long as it is being worked on, the only thing you can do is get more medical information, letters from docs saying your are "not restricted in activity", "no activity restrictions", or "something like that could push the waiver authority to grant faster. But as long as your pulmonary tests were spot on for your age, size, capacity you should be good to go.

Quick question, if you sent in remedials in November, that should have cleared you medically. Was there a problem with the Pulmonary function Tests? You should not be in waiver status for "childhood" asthma. The regs basically say if no treatment, medicine, or symptoms since 13 you are good.